Patio ideas from Darajani

rooftop-patioTrees, shrubs, flowers and lawns may sound like the usual gardening magazine. But have you ever thought of making them a part of the luxury? You should, here’s how.


Have you ever walked along your concrete tiles and the neatly trimmed shrubs and grass? They should feel clean and formal, a perfect welcome for the business traveler. Try something more adventurous, a creeper carefully trained into a tunnel and provoke suspense for appointees visiting your spa. Palm trees and bamboo radiate freedom while lilies in a pond enhance calmness.

Smoking area

Smoking creates a cloudy mind which is the opposite of a clear conscience. Utilize Begonias dangling from hanging pots or baskets for space to “catch some air”. Offer intrigue with a mature baobab tree or something that attracts weaver birds and butterflies. Allow casuarinas to accumulate lots of humus for a dunk smell of raw earth. Otherwise, Darajani Hotel has designated smoking zones with plenty of real air for your lungs.

Private lounge

It’s perfectly normal to take a friend or phone call aside, away from the crowd. Whenever this happens you expect spaces that are sound proof, hidden from the cameras and somewhere you can pace about without the restrictions of chairs and tables. Ideal options are open skies with a dense creeper or shrub partitions, more grass than bare concrete and moderate lighting for evening chats.


Not in the mood to mingle? Just need a mat and yoga or a novel with something cold. Sneak into a haven of silence beneath a neem. Avoid the coconut tree or anything that drops debris or attracts monkeys.


There are just so many places on the Island where gifted hands, classy furniture and choice species converge for a stunning selfie. Patios could be as spacious for a group photo and as flexible for a wedding photo-shoot.

In all, try something innovative with vegetation and reclaim your dead space… and money!


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