Are you dealing in music?

knife-partyGood quality music is perhaps the most enduring attraction for any proper getaway. But good depends on many things, right?


Good music is simply that… good music, beyond that it is noise and noise is bad. Before you make that huge investment, I’d want you to pick some tips and perhaps reap the benefits of having the “good quality sound”, but that sounds like too much for a single class. So in my kindness, I offer a separate article that delves into the hows and whys of music as a strategic portfolio for your hotel (watch this space).

First things first: The Law

The law may actually say very little about music, but what does it say about noise? The National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) operates the Noise and Excessive Noise Pollution Control Regulations which defines five possible zones with maximum allowable levels of noise. The zones, Silent; Places of worship; Residential (in/outdoor); Mixed and Commercial limit the amount of fun you could have with music and any transgression is no mere bad manners. You could get jail time and risk closure of your facility.

The first and second schedules of the regulations set maximum noise permissible levels of 55 – 35 and 75 – 65 dB (decibels) for day and night, during normal operations and construction, respectively. But you want to give your customers a good time!

noise-meterIn synthesis, article 3-2-f, advances that if, by controlling loudness you incur a great effort or expense (such as reduced attractiveness), you could justify applying for a license or permit. It will cost you about US$ 2 to apply and US$ 20 to process. The application is made to NEMA which in-turn assigns a lead agency to visit and inspect your noisy recluse. The agency also gets to assess potential impacts of your noise to surrounding neighbors, both man and nature.

Lastly, the law demands that you identify suitable technology and best practices to abate the unnecessary emission of noise. All liabilities fall on the people appearing on the licenses and permits.

Second Thing: Occupational Health and Safety

Unlike the drinks that will strictly be served to your guests, noise affects your staff, shareholders [if present or in case of incidence], your neighbors and yourself.

Extended exposures to noise are associated with hearing impairment, hypertension, heart disease, stress, sleep disturbance and in extreme cases, adverse changes in immunity and deformities in unborn children.

A noisy place may experience disproportionately higher accident rates and stimulate anti-social behaviors such as aggression. What a loss it must be to spend a fortune installing music only to plague your world with noise!

Thirdly: Quality equipment


I was reading 12 tips to getting the best quality sound in your car, you should too. What struck me the most was the very first suggestion_ replace your speakers. I would say, carry along a trusted engineer to put to perspective your budget, space, amps, speakers, power demands, compatibility, cabling and the ultimate desire for quality crispy HD output, and replace everything that needs to.

Quality is a system thing, don’t patch-up a new laser-lighting to some nasty old sound equipment.

Fourth and last: Time is King

Don’t you just love the entire playlist, every single one of them? I also wish I could play every song sang by man. But this varies. At work, after work, besides work, due to work, instead of work. Time dictates what influence music has on the psyche. At times, I need loud incomprehensible noise, sadly, every time.

My point, draw a schedule for soul, jazz, rock, hip-hop and give them a date and a suitable Dj. Then brand creatively… Mugithi Nite. Finally, offer a package for drinks, barbecue and a dress-code, sell it.


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