Breakfast in bed

eating-in-bedWaking up on a Queen-size bed next to remotes for the TV, AirCon and a switch to all the lights in the room, is rare. But you do, and a giant bamboo grows at the entrance to the bathroom. On the floor, beautiful tiles form a mosaic of a large roach that you kinda squish at every step to an all-marble tub. As you cuddle in the softest of towels, you peer through the window and a coastal sun greets you, pearl ocean water and white-sand beaches. Coconut palms sway gently as if enticing you to the infinite paradise, but then, the phone rings. “Reception”, she wants to know if they could serve you breakfast in your room. Of course they should but do they?

Mine too was a dream until two attendants walked in Suite 419 and served me tea. Mirror-like stainless steel concealed three golden mahamri, bean sauce with coconut milk and Swalihi’s most seasoned potato crackers_ Bhajia. Lemon slices, sugar and salt sachets, toothpicks and neatly pressed napkins lay carefully over clean porcelain clearly branded Usambara Springs: quenching your thirst for luxury. There were ten other items the only one I could name was a long, slender and dark green leaf that crossed the entire tray in amazing contrasts.

Yet all these cannot account why I live with this memory to date. Unusual engineering? Perhaps. The trolley folded and merged with the bed. It literally turned into a tray with two supports on both sides and floated about six inches above the bed. The wheels hang out a foot away from the bed. The attendants left. Again I just adjusted my pillows and ate as if from a dining table. Afterwards, I just pushed out the tray and the stands stretched back and it stood with wheels on the floor. I pushed it aside and it detached from the bed. I did it several times, for fun and awe. Wow experience.

I truly agonized at the thought of checking-out. Perhaps, it was this anxiety that made me realize just how convenient the transformer trolley, like every other service in the hotel was calculated to achieved a Hustle-free experience. The remotes, switches to all lights in the room, all on one side of the bed. All I had to do was adjust the soft pillows.

In addition to breakfast in bed, room service included WiFi, DSTV, laundry and a lovers’ champagne (with hearts of red roses on the bed). Outside the room, guests enjoyed a trendy bar, restaurant, modern spa, gym, a swimming pool, conference facilities, wedding receptions and secure parking.

Something else, easy access to the CBD, key attractions such as the white sand beaches, marine parks, Fort Jesus, and international connectivity via Moi international airport and Mombasa seaport. For gold members, the hotel provided free entry to Nyali Golf-club, Silver: Mamba village, Slate: Nyali Cinemax. Guided tours to the Mombasa Old Town are available every Saturday 2:30pm to marvel at the rich hospitality of the Swahili people.

So, are you seeking a serene 4-star getaway in town? Usambara Springs.


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